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Are you holding yourself back from your true potential? Take a look at what’s going on from your perspective, not that of others.​


iremya cares for your talent’s and their wellbeing while uplifting your company productivity 


Nobody is perfect and all of us are actually “work in progress.” We’ll be constantly faced with life challenges that could jeopardize our mental health.

Iremya is established to assist those who strive to be a better version of themselves and become an asset to the community, the nation and to the world at large.

Mental health was a difficult term to comprehend back then as I was brought in a way to make my way through the hustle of life. I never knew where to start or what questions to ponder, also community never seemed to follow through mental health awareness.

Iremya complimented everything - with a hassle-free experience in trusting the team to represent the voices of nation in seeking help.

Dato’ Mirnawan Datuk Hj Nawawi

National Hockey Champion

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