What Is Mental Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as a condition of mental well-being that helps people to manage life’s stressors, achieve their potential, study and work effectively, and give back to their communities (WHO, 2022).

It is an essential component of health and well-being because it supports both our individual and group capacity to decide, connect, and influence the world in which we live. Access to mental health services is a basic human right. It is also required for socioeconomic, communal, and personal development.

There are three types of mental health professionals — counsellors, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists. A counsellor and a clinical psychologist provide talk therapy while a psychiatrist provides talk therapy and medication.


What is mental health?

a. A person’s overall social, emotional, psychological wellbeing

b. Someone who is psychotic

c. Someone who stays in a mental institution

Among mental health professionals, who is able to prescribe medication?

a. Counsellor

b. Clinical Psychologist

c. Psychiatrist

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